Monday, December 26, 2011

MIKE~(to My true love...R.I.P. 10/16/60-06/14/10, Laura)

I have an angel now, as my guide.
I call him Mike, he is at my side.
Never again do I have to fear,
He walks with me, ever near.
He folds me in his angelic wings,
He whispers in my ears and sings.
Never again shall I be alone.
He holds my hand and leads me home.
Gently he is with me, he teaches me peace.
Unconditional love that will never cease.
All the days of my life, he'll be in my heart.
Never again, shall we be apart.
He's waiting for me, he'll meet me in the end.
My newest angel and my very best friend.
Happiness, he is showing me the way.
We'll be together again...somewhere, someday...