Monday, January 30, 2012

You left me and you headed for the sky.
I sat in the coldness and all I could do was cry.
We walked hand-in-hand; it was more than I dreamed.
It was a lifetime to me but shorter than it seemed.
It was a twist of fate; we met by chance.
They played our song and we shared the dance.
I know every curve; I’ve memorized your face.
I’m done searching. No one can take your place.
Right where I belong, I finally found my home.
Together forever but I am out here on my own.
Praying to God, wanting to be with the stars above.
Night has come again and I am drowning in your love...

Lodge Guestbook - Lodge of Wagnuka

Lodge Guestbook - Lodge of Wagnuka

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


You were standing there.

I approached timidly.

You were just breath taking.

When those blue eyes gazed upon me.

I tested the waters.

I took a headlong plunge.

Always together.

Friends and lovers.

You made me grounded.

Then your sickness.

The ground disappeared.

I fell.

I’m still falling.

Without you.

Without your strong arms,

To catch me.

I know you.

You’re dancing with me.

You wipe away my tears.

The only thing is,

I don’t see you anymore.

But you still sing to me.

Get over it,

Move on...

Everyone just shut up.

If I want to stay in this cocoon,

With my love,

I will.

And when I go to meet him.

That is my rebirth.

I will emerge,

His butterfly angel and whisper,

“P.S. I still love you”


Sunday, January 8, 2012


Time to remove the mask.
Let the “real” you shine through
No matter how scared you may be
Let the world know what is true
Because what was known before
Does not compare with that which you hid for years.
Reveal the windows to your soul
Let them see. Spill those sacred tears.
It is not as bad as you think
They will not scream and run away.
You are beautiful, your face radiates.
The night has ended. It is the dawning of a new day
Conquer your fears. Shout out in defiance!
Throw it! Smash your mask on the ground.
It was hurtful, terrifying, and frightful
And even scarier when the mask frowned.
No more hiding, little one
Come forth; out into the daylight
Unmask yourself. Put yourself on display
Let the world see your beauty shining bright!