Wednesday, January 18, 2012


You were standing there.

I approached timidly.

You were just breath taking.

When those blue eyes gazed upon me.

I tested the waters.

I took a headlong plunge.

Always together.

Friends and lovers.

You made me grounded.

Then your sickness.

The ground disappeared.

I fell.

I’m still falling.

Without you.

Without your strong arms,

To catch me.

I know you.

You’re dancing with me.

You wipe away my tears.

The only thing is,

I don’t see you anymore.

But you still sing to me.

Get over it,

Move on...

Everyone just shut up.

If I want to stay in this cocoon,

With my love,

I will.

And when I go to meet him.

That is my rebirth.

I will emerge,

His butterfly angel and whisper,

“P.S. I still love you”