Monday, February 13, 2012

A Holiday For Lovers

Valentines comes and I shed a tear,
My valentine is in heaven this year.
I miss him so much. It is breaking my heart.
I hate that death tore us apart.
He was the only one, my eternal soul-mate.
Until that day, a cruel twist of fate.
I turn around and the door closes.
I am happy for you, Candy and Roses!
Not for me...Just an empty cold bed.
Where my true love used to lay his head.
I reach out but he is just not there.
My heart shattering is more than I can bear!
You'll be upset over a present you didn't get,
All I want, is the only one I can't forget.
A holiday for lovers when mine is gone
It's all over for me. I am so done!
I would cut out my heart for one more touch,
Happy Valentines, Baby...I miss you so much...

02/13/12 © LauraSue Gutierrez-Simmons