Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Sorry if my heart breaking
            has ruined your night.
In the morning it will be
            whole again.
I will carry it around all day in
            my hands and protect it.
When night comes again
            I will trip over my grief,
drop my heart and it will
            shatter once more.
I will spend the rest of the night
            picking up the pieces.
My point being, if you are
            going to attempt to love me,
please be patient.
            I have not found enough
thread to sew up
            the huge hole in my chest,
where my heart has fallen out.
            I only have pieces to offer.
But if you accept one piece
            at a time and stick it out
my heart will be whole
            again one day.
And if you are still
            by my side
my heart will be
            wholly and completely yours.
You will have earned
            my respect and
all my love.
            Thank you for taking
the time to read this.
            Sincerely yours.