Sunday, October 25, 2015

You are a flower growing in a junkyard.
Let’s clear away the junk and let you bloom.
Life started rough, unspeakable offenses.
Blaming your-self unnecessarily. Carrying
the shame.
Abusing your-self for the despicable acts
of others.
A childhood stolen away, defeated before
you began.
So you ran away into the arms of the next
A vicious cycle, unable to break the chains.
Falling into addiction, unable to admit the
Self-harm, pushing your-self to the brink
of death.
One more step and you are beyond the point
of return.
Then your Savior appears, wrapping you in
Carrying you back to the world. Breathing
new life.
Planting the seeds, growing you to pure
Taking out the trash, cleaning away the clutter
of junk.
“It is your turn child, return to your roots.
Become a New Creation. I have brought you
back to The Garden.”
~ ~ ~
 LauraSue Gutierrez

Monday, July 22, 2013

*World Healing, World Peace Poetry Contest 2012 Winner

I know I don’t know you but I love you!
I know we are not friends but I think a hug will do.
Don’t have enough for your milk, I will pay the rest.
It starts with one act. One simple kindness.
World peace starts small. It begins with one.
With a simple gesture, it has begun.
When we show care and concern, it’s a big deal.
This is how broken hearts begin to heal.
It starts in one little town, on the main street.
We start moving to a rhythm, pulsing like a heartbeat.
It’s a magical sound. It’s a catchy tune.
It spreads around the globe and drifts to the moon.
This is my dream of peace; this is my hope for healing.
It starts on a small scale. It starts with one feeling.
This world is a disaster. It has become a mess.
We need to aim for the stars, reach for success.
We must educate the people; let our voices be heard.
The peace movement has begun; start spreading the word.

©12/12/11 *World Healing, World Peace Poetry Contest 2012 Winner


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Another Valentines, another year.
It hasn't changed; I still want you here.
I can never love another...
So I gave up, Why bother?
You occupy my every moment.
With you, my every night is spent.
In life you were my all,
With your death, I took a fall.
And I am still falling. I have not landed.
I struggle with the loss; I cannot understand it.
My mind knows but my heart can't grasp it.
I scream into the sky; I am still asking:
Why! Why take him from me???
This is not the way it is supposed to be.
We should have never been torn apart,
Me sitting alone holding my broken heart.
Now, I will plead the same thing I always do...
Come back to me baby, I want to spend Valentines with you...
for M.J.S.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Poetry with LauraSue . . .February Column

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